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Are you suffering from PROSTATITIS?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Are you suffering from PROSTATITIS? If the answer is YES, you have high chance of developing SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION or you are already suffering from sexual dysfunction after you developed PROSTATITIS.

What are the sexual dysfunctions due to prostatitis?

1. Erectile dysfunction

2.Semen ejaculation problems such as pain during semen ejaculation, slow painful flow of semen, absence of spurt or jerky flow of semen, inability to ejaculate.

3. Painful urination after semen ejaculation.

4. Inability to achieve a pregnancy in your wife due to poor quality of your semen

Prostate gland is situated at the base of the urinary bladder. The urine conveying tube passes through the prostate gland and the penis to convey the urine out.

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate due to many causes including unprotected sexual

intercourse with prostitutes, oral sex, anal sex, bacterial infection of the urinary tract and many more.

Prostatitis is an independent risk factor for Erectile dysfunction. Worldwide research studies

shows that people suffering from prostatitis has high incidence of sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction is likely to be in the range of 52 to 62%. Patients suffering from prostatitis are found to have high incidence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) related other risk factors like diabetes, high Blood Pressure, Cholesterol related disease, smoking, chronic alcoholism psychological problems etc.

Pain and other problems associated with urination due to prostatitis also can cause

psychological disturbances leading to sexual dysfunctions. Symptoms of prostatitis like pain,

frequent urination, slow and painful urination, difficult and obstructed urination, disturbance in sleep, and social inhibition leads to reduced or low sexual desire and reduced frequency of sexual intercourse.

How sexual dysfunction occurs in prostatitis?

The inflammatory mediators associated with prostatitis disrupts the penile blood vessel

function (vascular endothelial function of releasing nitric oxide) leading to Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

The occurrence or the incidence of anxiety and depression is more in prostatitis patients. This can have an adverse effect on sexual function. Patients suffering from prostatitis have semen ejaculation problems, such as pain during semen ejaculation, pain sometime after semen ejaculation, reduced quantity of semen, speedy ejaculation or premature ejaculation, and sometimes inability to ejaculate semen. All these factors lead to tremendous psychological changes in the patient leading to multiple sexual problems.

If you are suffering from the above sexual problems due to prostatitis consult a Uro-Andrologist without delay. He will analyse your problems and advice proper treatment. Neglecting the problem will adversely affect your sexual health and may land up in urological complications.

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