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VRiSHYA, Reception, Kakkanad, Cochin, Kerala

Uro Andrology and Sexual Medicine Centre

Sexual Health & Wellness

The Concept

Uro Andrology and Sexual Medicine is an emerging trend in the practice of male and female sexual and reproductive health. The aim of VRiSHYA, Centre for Uro Andrology and Sexual Medicine is to practice the techniques available in the modern medicine to solve male and female sexual and reproductive problems, thus producing healthy progeny for the creation of better society.

Maintaining a perfect sexual and reproductive health is very important for a healthy and peaceful family life. Also maintaining a good male and female sexual health is very important to prevent many diseases especially Cardio vascular diseases. Erectile dysfunction would precede cardio vascular events in the majority of cases. It is observed worldwide that if a man has erectile dysfunction especially associated with high blood pressure, diabetes high cholesterol (hyperlipidaemia) obesity and or metabolic syndrome, he is bound to get a cardio vascular disease (event) and or sudden heart attack within 3-5 years. Poor sexual health is an indicator of many underlying serious diseases in the human body.



The word Andrology is derived from the Greek word “Andros” which deals with the male with special emphasis of the physiology and pathophysiology of male sexual and reproductive health. Andrology is concerned with problems of Erectile Dysfunction and other Sexual Dysfunctions like Ejaculatory Problems, Penile Deformities, Scrotal and Testicular Problems, Varicocele, Male Hormonal (Testosterone) Problems, Andrological Endocrinology, and Prostate Diseases.

Sexual Medicine deals with issues of Sexual Dysfunction, disorders of Sexual Developments, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI/STD), and diseases of the reproductive system in male and female.



An Andrologist is a Urologist who after obtaining Urology super speciality degree from a University (MCh Urology), or from a recognised speciality medical board (DNB Urology), takes training from a recognised centre in Andrology for a period of 1 year. All Urologists are not Andrologists unless trained in Andrology. All Andrologists are trained in Sexual Medicine also. They further enhance their knowledge by attending seminars, workshops, conferences, and similar academic activities.

Treatments & Facilities

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