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what we do

VRiSHYA, Centre for Uro Andrology & Sexual Medicine at Kakkand, Cochin, Kerala, is a clinic dedicated & specialised in dealing with sexual health issues & complications. We are a team of doctors trained to help patients with problems in Urology, Andrology & Sexual Medicine.


Specialised Treatment Facilities

Our Andrologists are trained in performing various operations in male genitals such as Penile prosthesis implant operation for end stage Erectile Dysfunction, penile venous ligation operation for Erectile Dysfunction due to penile venous leak, operations for Peyronies disease, intraplaque injection of various medicines for the treatment of Peyronies disease under ultra sound guidance, operations for prostate diseases, operations for male infertility, micro surgical varicocele operation to improve semen quality, vas deferens reconstruction, testicular biopsy, testicular sperm aspiration for IVF, testicular prosthesis implantation, operations for undescended testis, and other testicular diseases.

Our treatment practices backed with diagnostic radiology and laboratory studies ensure the right kind of treatment with best possible results. Our specialized team has been providing the best results to patients from India & abroad for over 15 years. We assure you a comforatble & confidential experience at our Clinic. At VRiSHYA paperless practices using cloud based software instead of conventional casefile practices enable us to protect your privacy & make our services available to you at all times wherever you are across the globe.  

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