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Sex Therapy with Sensate Focus

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Sex Therapy with Sensate Focus

Understanding sexuality

Sexuality is a biologically, psychologically and socially determined experience in men and women. A person’s own life history determines the development of sexuality in him. Sexuality has the following dimensions such as:-

a) Experiencing and increasing sexual desire by sexual stimulation

b) Sexuality for reproduction within the marriage for the propagation of the couple’s own

clan and thus the human race.

c) Sexual communication in marital relationship is important for acceptance, closeness,

warmth and security. Through the individual’s sexuality and the couple’s.

d) sexual relationship, the marital relationship is bonded very strongly.

What is Sex Therapy with Sensate focus?

Sex Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy done by a medically qualified Doctor, trained in Andrology and Sexual Medicine. The training and experience of the Doctor determines the success of the Sex Therapy programme. Prior to starting Sex Therapy with sensate focus, the individual or the couple should undergo a full medical check up to find out any underlying cause for his or the couple’s sexual problem. Sex therapy with sensate focus is a talk therapy and the individual or the couple remains fully clothed. Sensate focus of the body is used for this therapy and no body touching is involved in the treatment.

What is Sensate Focus?

The entire human body is sensual. Any part of the human body if explored properly and correctly can generate sexual sensation. The sensations vary from one part of the body to another part. In sex Therapy with sensate focus the Doctor trains the individual or the couple to generate sexual sensations from the different sensate focus areas of the body. The training involves a series of special exercises explained to the individual or couple with the aid of teaching materials like in a class room with 100% confidentiality.

Who are benefitted with this Treatment Program?

1) The couple suffering from unconsummated marriage (couple not able to do penetration)

2) Individual or couple with low sex drive

3) Loss of desire for sex

4) Pain while having sex

5) Erectile Dysfunction( Penis is not rising up with adequate sexual stimulation)

6) Lack of confidence in intercourse

7) Sexual interest in an inanimate object(Fetishism)

8) Homosexuals

9) Lesbians

10) Females having vaginismus

11) People having problems from recovering from sexual assault

12) Rape victims planning to lead a happy married life.

13) Sexual problems resulting from tiredness and stress.

14) Premature or speedy Semen ejaculation

15) Men having difficulty in ejaculation (delayed or absent semen ejaculation)

Is there any complications of sensate focus based sex therapy?

There are no complications at all

How effective is sex therapy?

The result of sensate focus sex therapy is permanent if the individual or the couple can

follow the training given to him or the couple throughout their marital sex life. The future sex life will be very comfortable, pleasurable and fully satisfying.

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